How much do you listen?

I try to listen, and to listen well. There is something beautiful about one person communicating their experience to another, the one trying so hard to put their life into words and the other trying so hard to understand the person simply as who they are, without bringing any of their own problems or ideas into the act of listening. There is something beautiful about sitting down to write, stilling myself enough to listen well. Some days that is difficult, days like today when I want to rush and go do other, more concrete things and maybe avoid a few of my sins and problems that are still bouncing around in my head and in my soul. But still I write. Still I listen, or try to.

No one listens perfectly. Faced with the same God, we each see something different–for who can see God in entirety? Faced with inspiration, experience, we each take that and try to fit words to it in different ways: different techniques, different goals, different styles. For me, writing is all about listening, and listening well.

Listen well, and share your small experience.

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