Celebrate (Five Minute Friday)


I’ve been following Five Minute Friday for a while, trying to get up the courage to do the freewrite and link my blog up. Expose it to the world. Today being the day is reason enough to celebrate! Not sure where the courage came from–except I am, of course, for my God is the source of all good things. That is another reason to celebrate. There are so many.

Even as there also are so many to not celebrate. Reasons, that is. The world is hard and broken and full of sin and sh*t like child prostitution and shootings and children being arrested for clocks and so much more. How do we celebrate in the midst of that?

We celebrate by looking forward, looking up. It may feel premature to celebrate what isn’t totally here yet, but Jesus came. Already here. Not yet. We celebrate by being Christ to others, fighting against that sin and darkness. Maybe by sitting with someone in their darkness. Maybe by doing nothing. God’s funny like that.

And that’s my Five Minute Friday for today. Worth it.

6 thoughts on “Celebrate (Five Minute Friday)”

  1. Hi Snidgetknight!

    Congratulations on your first Five Minute Friday post! It also happens to be my first this week as well. 🙂

    I loved how you said we can celebrate, in spite of all the bad things in this world, because of Christ and what he has done. That’s the most amazing and comforting thing!



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