About Me

My name’s Alina. I just graduated from grad school–seminary, actually, and I’m in the process of becoming ordained–so I’m rather in limbo as I work on finding a job. Also, though, I write. Not just now–I always have (or it feels like it) and I expect I always will.

And that’s what this blog is about: writing. Writing is an adventure, one that challenges me to the depths of my soul every day. Writing is the only way I know to discover myself and who I am. I’m honest on the page in a way that I still haven’t mastered in real life. Except that I feel more alive when I’m writing than I do at any other time.

That’s something I want to share.

Questions? Thoughts? Please feel free to leave a comment below, or contact me at alina [dot] kanaski [at] yahoo [dot] com.

4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Hi Alina, I just read your Bees and Light loved it ….I then clicked on to read more about you…you were my “God Voice” today ! I am an artist and so many days other things gets my attention and time where nothing in my creative world happens. So your worlds spoke to me and renewed my creative spirit to challenge my ideas and artistic self . Look forward to reading more from you ….have a very blessed day
    PS I included my website address it has not been updated in long while ….I have interest of people wanting my classes, my projects and art …. I need to get with it 😊!


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