I know, it’s been quite a while since I’ve been back here. Between a week-long mission trip and starting a second job, it’s been a bit crazy here!

In the meantime–check out my latest published writing! A sermon of mine, “Waiting for Justice,” was published in the Pittsburgh Theological Journal (it starts on page 86).


Currently, vol. 1

(These prompts came from michmash, one of my favorite blogs)

Feeling: Tired. It was a long day at work, and I couldn’t sleep last night. It’s an odd mix with the energy I just got from going on a walk. I’m loving the non-seasonal cloudy, cool weather here!

Craving: Chocolate, always. And a day to myself.

Watching: Nothing, actually. I just finished rewatching the good episodes of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, which I adore even though Miss Fisher is one of the worst role models ever. The sets and music are just so beautiful! And soon I’ll be starting the last season of White Collar, another show I adore despite the utter lack of morality.

Listening: To Star Wars soundtracks. What gorgeous, inspiring music!

Drinking: Water.

Reading: C. S. Lewis’ Surprised by Joy. I bought it from a library sale for $1, having no idea what it was about. It’s Lewis’ autobiography, and I find it so relatable.

Planning: Tomorrow: what to write, how to finish my library book on time, and how much of other important things to try and fit in.

Making: A scrap rug and a scarf for a friend. Both projects are starting to seem never-ending.

Cooking: Ha! Does putting cheese on bread and sticking it in the oven count? Because I just did that a few hours ago.

Thinking: Hm. About how the Bible isn’t just a resource for theology, but so much more. About the joy that comes from doing things slowly. About the importance of relationships, and making time for them. About what to write!

Loving: Cool and cloudy weather! Also good food of all varieties, and the chance to talk to friends. It’s been a good day.