Laundry and Brainstorming

The stories we tell are a window into our souls.

The stories I choose to tell reveal what I believe, what I hold dear, and what I find important. 

And I keep trying to tell stories of everyday life. All of my sermons over the past two months have ended with a celebration of the work of faith in the midst of dishes and traffic jams and people that annoy us. I’ve been drawn to the books that lay out the details of life, what the character had for breakfast and every step of solving the mystery or completing the quest. My favorite blog posts have been about repaying loans and creating habits and the still small work of change. 

I’ve been struggling to find that in my own life. Dishes have been piling up, right next to the piles of books and papers and craft supplies that I don’t feel like organizing right now. Being on time has been a constant struggle, along with finishing tasks more than two seconds before they’re due. Writing feels like a monumentally difficult task, just like praying and reading the Bible feel unimportant. The small stuff feels unimportant, and the big stuff feels impossible. 

I miss the rhythm of working and living well, of taking care of dishes and emails and work to do lists. I miss finding the beauty in habits and repetition, finding the space to think and pray in doing something worth doing. I miss knowing I’d done good things with my day. I miss feeling the freedom to stop at look at the flowers, to take ten minutes and read a chapter of a new book or jot down a story idea. 

I’m trying to rediscover the beauty in the everyday, in folding laundry and praying every morning and submitting poetry, in taking the time to walk to the store and answering the phone and ending the day with journaling. I’m trying to rediscover the beauty of routine and needed tasks, of to do lists and goals, without allowing any of them to become strait jackets. I’m trying to rediscover the beauty in duties and necessities.

That’s what I want to write about. Writing is a part of that; writing forces me to slow down, to listen to myself and others. But there are so many other parts: praying and reading, attention and self-care, grace and reminders. That’s what I want to write about, all of that. That’s why I changed the blog title to Ordinary Adventures. I want to rediscover the new and exciting in my ordinary days, amidst routine and duty and repetition. I want to discover God working in the ordinary.

It won’t always feel like an adventure, but it will be a glorious story.


Common [FMF]

Today I’m linking up with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday, where I will write for five minutes on one word. Today that word is “Common.”


There are so many things the word common can mean, but today I’m drawn to the common things in my life, the habits and small moments and chores: researching a sermon, reading my Bible, gathering my recycling, putting everything away before I go to bed, washing the dishes, journaling every night. Those ‘common’ moments are the ones where I find beauty. They’re the ones where I find peace, the ones where I find joy. And they’re the ones where I find frustration, and sadness, and all the emotions I’ve been ignoring. They’re the ones where I find so much of the good in my life, and so often remember the bad, see all of the ways that I still need to work on myself and improve. It’s the common, normal moments that make up my life, that decide so much. Am I going to take the effort of reading my Bible this morning?  It might feel boring and pointless, it might feel everyday, but in doing that every day I’m making a space for God to come and meet me. (Not that God needs spaces–but I think I need spaces where I make space for God, if only as a reminder to myself to keep looking, keep noticing, keep praying and living well and doing as much good as I can).


Thanks for reading along! What small, common things are you seeing today?