The first spring morning

Spring is here. I woke up to bird song and a warm breeze and a desire for iced tea. Everything feels possible.

Winter was not my friend this year. I wanted to hole up, hibernate, eat a lot and do little. It was a struggle to wake up, go to bed, do housework, go for a walk. Do much of anything, it felt like, especially as it dragged on and on. The fear of having to drive in snow loomed over me. The windows stayed closed, the blankets on.

Thank God for winter sunsets. They’re such gentle, soft colors, and yet stark against the browns and greys of a winter landscape. They are a reminder that beauty still exists, that the world is gathering itself.


I wish I could remember the lesson of winter, that all things need time to rest and huddle down; it’s hard to live that rhythm in a modern world, where we always could be working. There’s always so much to do, so many ideas to play with.

It was a hard winter. I’m happy to see spring.

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