Writing Update

Publishing Just before the Pittsburgh shooting, an article I wrote about being in the process of looking for a church was published on The Presbyterian Outlook website. I never wrote a blog post about it because the shooting happened the next day, and it was so devastating. I used to go to church a few blocks away; I knew someone who was shot (he is recovering nicely). It was a hard few weeks after that–lots of sitting with myself and crying and lighting candles–and then, finally, I was able to write about itThe Outlook was kind enough to publish more of my thoughts about the shooting.

I also had devotionals published in The Secret Place, in both the fall and winter magazines.

Writing I’ve been working on what feels like ten projects at the same time: a few short articles; a short story that I’m completely in love with, but feels too new still to share anything about; and I’ve been dabbling in one of my books again, one that I’ve been playing with since I was thirteen or so.

The habit of writing is finally starting to feel like a given in my day. Every morning I write for at least a few minutes; almost every evening I write, too, and then close the day by journaling. It’s nice. I still seem to be on the internet more than writing, but I am writing every day. It’s progress.

Preaching I’m still preaching. Check out my most recent sermons here.

Reading I finally listened to everyone who told me this series was wonderful and checked out The Fifth Season, the first novel in N. K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth Series. It was fantastic–gritty and heart-breaking and painful, but fantastic. The absorption in the story, the emotional roller-coaster of reading it, reminded me of the power of well-told stories.

Listening Speaking of reminders and inspiration, Elizabeth Gilbert’s TED Talk was on my feed a few weeks ago. She makes writing well seem so possible. And I’ve been loving The Courage Maker’s Podcast, which features interviews with creative women and honest talk about how hard it can be to be creative. It reminds me to keep going.


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