October What I’m Into

Linking up with Leigh Kramer What I’m Into.

I’ve never done this link up before but love reading other people’s, so I decided that this was the month to try it out.

Read and Reading

Lab Girl by Hope Jahren. I adored this book. It was an honest look at the science world, but also adult life and mental illness. There were lots of fascinating explanations of the life of plants, too.

Dry Storeroom No. 1: The Secret Life of the Natural History Museum by Richard Fortey. Lots of facts and stories about the (British) Natural History Museum, meaning that it also contains a lot of British culture and foibles. It contains lots of interesting nature and thoughts about how science is done.

The Discovery of Poetry by Frances Mayes. I’m slowly working my way through this book, which is a guide to reading and writing poetry. It’s a lot of the technical aspects of poetry that is similar to high school English, but covered by someone who loves and reads and breathes poetry. And I’ve loved reading the poems she includes as examples.

Howl’s Moving Castle and House of Many Ways by Diana Wynne Jones. I adore both of these books, which are full of quirky, snarky characters and fun adventure–especially  House of Many Ways, whose main character spends most of the book wanting to read and irritated that things like doing laundry and almost getting killed by a magical creature are getting in the way. Now THERE is a character I can relate to!

Ender’s Game was in the picture because I hoped to read it soon, but that still hasn’t happened. Maybe this month?

I’ve been binging more shows than I want to admit: Grey’s Anatomy (I wanted something mindless, and was unexpectedly sucked in by how forthright Meredith is about her emotional problems), Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (meh–although I did love the subplot where Jemma was stuck on another planet), and The Mysteries of Laura (a smart female detective who is amazing at solving crimes but also struggles with raising her kids and adult responsibilities. I adored this show and was so sad there were only two seasons up).


I just discovered podcasts maybe a week ago. I knew they existed, obviously, but I had never tried to listen to one or even wanted to. But now that I have, I’m loving them! I’ve followed a few, but the ones I’m really enjoying so far are The History Chicks LINK and Around the Table LINK. Any other suggestions?

Things I Love

It’s been a good, tough month with lots of self rediscovery and working through things, one day at a time. Also, job interviews!

  • That my room is organized enough that most of the boxes are now stacked together and covered by a blanket.
  • Starting to crochet again.
  • Fall colors.
  • Rain
  • Dressing as a dragon for Halloween. I got some sweet compliments and some confused looks. It was wonderful!

I’ve followed The Quiet People, Beth’s blog, for a while now, but this past month it was just exactly what I wanted to read: posts about everyday things like baking and reading and figuring out how to love yourself every day, but she also brings a desire to live well and not just persevere through it all to the table that I just love.

I discovered Brittany’s blog, Where My Soul Belongs, this month and absolutely love it. It’s both practical and inspiring, and I loved it so much that I read back something like two years through her archives.

Addie’s post on grace made me cry because it was so true.

On the Blog

I wrote about how hard writing has been.

I talked about the writing challenge  I’ve set for myself in November–to write at least an hour a day.


What was your month like? And, seriously, any podcast recommendations?

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