Art and the Act of Creating

Today I’m over at Off the Page, writing about art, creativity, and creation:

The afternoon is spent with friends, but before I go to bed, I sit down with an old book and skim through pages until a few words jump out at me. I tear the page out, not so carefully because this creation is just for me. My roommate introduced me to blackout poetry, this idea of taking a page covered in words and focusing on just a few of those words, blacking out the rest so that out of something existing, out of some unwanted book, comes something new. And so I outline the words I want to keep in pencil, then get out a paintbrush and some paint and block out the rest of the page until only a few words are left. Out of a page of words comes a poem. Blackout poetry reminds me to look for the beautiful and the profound and the true in even the unexpected places in life, the places that I’ve given up on or dismissed as unimportant.

Read the rest here!

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