Share (Five Minute Friday)

It’s been ages since I’ve done a Five Minute Friday! It’s a wonderful exercise in free writing and community run by Kate and based on a one-word prompt. The word this week is Share.

Writing is an exercise in sharing. I express my deepest feelings and then I show them to others, put them out there for all to see, if they care to. It’s my way of sharing, of giving of myself and showing myself to others.

Sometimes I wonder how fair this is. After all, any writing I publish is something polished, something I’m happy or at least content with. How much does it show the rough edges, the dark places, the parts of me I don’t want anyone to see? Is writing the truest form of sharing?

And yet… I have trouble trusting spoken words. They’re harder to corral, to get just right in the moment. Sometimes there’s beauty in that unfinished aspect, and sometimes it just creates unneeded pain and confusion.

9 thoughts on “Share (Five Minute Friday)”

  1. words so true, spoken words are often hasty and spoken without thought. Written words can be edited and re edited, and re edited. Especially on a blog where that edit button is always there 🙂 I’m behind you in the number 32 spot today.


  2. I agree – writing is indeed a form of sharing. I think sometimes we make ourselves very vulnerable when we write because parts of our true selves tend to come through, whether intended or not.


  3. First versions are our true selves, edited versions the version of ourselves we want the world to see…..(I’m just edition my book and am having many of these discussions with myself at the moment…). Helen {A FMF friend}


      1. I’m finding this, myself, yes: editing for clarity…..(this writing lark is so amazing isn’t it? So many lessons waiting to be learned!)


  4. Sometimes I will share more deeply in writing because I can take time to think it through and say it as I want to. In one sense it is putting out an edited version that I’m happy with, but I do try to keep it real, and if it was a spoken conversation I might just stay quiet and not say it at all.


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