Not Alone

Or: Why I Write

I could write a hundred blog posts about the above topic, of course. But over the past week I’ve been thinking a lot about writing as a way to bridge the gap between people and break down isolation.


I know this quote is about friendship, but some of my favorite pieces of writing do the same thing. I come away feeling less alone, because I’ve seen that others feel the same way I do, or that others struggle through life just like I do and the lie that everyone else has it together is just that, a lie. Knowing that I am not alone in my doubts and fears and struggles is powerful.

I’m coming from a week where knowing I’m not alone has been powerful. I’ve read a lot of things that have reminded me that others struggle with the same things and that life isn’t the same for everyone:

  • Catching up on Wil Wheaton‘s blog is so refreshing. He blogs honestly about his depression and the creative life.
  • When Love Takes Your Breath Away” by Clair Colvin was an article that made me feel less alone. It was honest about love and wounds and everyday life, and it was beautiful.
  • Michmash and Kitty Adventures are two of my favorite slice-of-live blogs. Both authors blog honestly about their everyday life, and it’s a great reminder that everyday life isn’t always glamorous or easy or what we expect.
  • Mickey Neumann’s article “A is for (A)sexual” was brutally honest about something I didn’t know much about. I loved it.
  • And, in less that a week, I reread Alison Croggon‘s Pellinor series because I just wanted to read something honest about emotions. All the characters spend most of their time trying to figure out who they are what they’re feeling and Croggon wrote it so that it feels real. I learn something new about myself every time I read this series.

And that is why I write. I want to share my own experience, help people feel less alone and know that they’re not some freak or strange or weird for feeling whatever it is they’re feeling. I want to connect people. I want to share with others the feeling I’ve had this week, that glorious feeling of knowing I am not alone in feeling and struggling. I want others to know they’re not alone.

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