Dwell (Five Minute Friday)

I’m in the thick of finals week, and one of my papers is far, far from done. Every time I’m not working on it, a little bit more panic builds up. I have to remind myself that it’s okay to not be working on it. Breaks are good. Getting water to drink is good. Not being a hermit and actually talking to people is good. Taking time to pray is good.

This final is currently all-consuming, but it’s not the ultimate good. It’s not the most important thing I’ll ever do. It’s just another final!

I woke up this morning from a dream about frantically writing a paper. I woke up nervous about everything I’d like to get done today, and about how much I’ll probably get done today. Before I’d even turned my light on, though, I felt surrounded by God. “I’m right here. You can do this, because I’m right here.”

Today isn’t a day I feel capable of dwelling in God, but God came down to dwell with me.


Five Minute Friday is worth taking a break for. 🙂

(If you’ve never heard about Five Minute Friday before, head over to Kate‘s and check it out! She posts a word every Thursday night, and we write about it for five minutes. It’s lots of fun!)



4 thoughts on “Dwell (Five Minute Friday)”

  1. I love your last sentence- such a great testimony. I love that it doesn’t depend on us getting it right but that God takes the initiative and comes to us. Praying that your work goes well today and that you continue to know God’s peace and his presence dwelling in you.


  2. November was my toughest month when I was in school with finals, papers, work, and recitals (I was a music major). Finish strong and best of luck to you!


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