Bacon! (Five Minute Friday)

Today I’m writing about bacon, the prompt for Five Minute Friday.

I’m not gonna lie: I saw the prompt and just thought, “Ugh. What am I going to write about?” Somehow the recent health scandal didn’t appeal. (Apparently it’s an inside joke? From before my time. Bacon, I mean, not the health scandal)

And I was all set to skip this Five Minute Friday. “I’ll wait until it’s something easier, something that immediately sparks a reaction.” I had other things to do this morning, after all. I opened a new tab, got all ready to sink into some useless Internet time-wasting.

Really? It occurred to me a few minutes in. Really? I was just going to give up, without even trying, just because it might not be the easiest thing ever, just because in ten seconds I couldn’t think of anything to write about? Really?

So, here I am. Writing about not wanting to write about bacon. But here I am, writing. I came after all. I’m not sure this is any good, but sometimes coming at all is good enough. Sometimes that’s enough of a victory to start with.

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